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Fact Sheets / Position Papers


Modern Slavery and Tourism: When holidays and human exploitation collide

Submission to Australian Inquiry in to Establishing a Modern Slavery Act

Residential Care Fact Sheet

Orphanage Industry Fact Sheet

Position Paper on alternative care

Research Papers

With the best intentions... A study of attitudes towards residential care in Cambodia

UNICEF Fact Sheet: Residential Care in Cambodia

 The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering - Next Generation Nepal

Harvard The Science of Neglect

Ending the Institutionalisation of Children Globally - Lumos

Keeping Children out of Harmful Institutions - Save the Children

A Last Resort: the growing concern about children in residential care - Save the Children

Families, Not Orphanages - Better Care Network

The Risk and Harm to Young Children in Residential Care

Institutional Care: the Last Resort - Save the Children


How can you leave no one behind when millions of children are uncounted?

Orphanage Trips by Aussie Schools are doing more harm than good

The Business of Orphanages: Where do orphans come from?

Earthquake Orphans: What Nepal can learn from Haiti

Policies/Press Releases

New sub-decree issued to strengthen the management of residential care institutions in Cambodia. 

MoSVY Minimum Standards on Alternative Care for Children Cambodia


Orphanages: not the solution

The Bucharest Early Intervention Project

Children are not tourist attractions - Friends International

Don't create more orphans - Friends International

Learning Service: rethinking volunteer travel

PEPY Tours: responsible travel experiences

Ayana Journeys: learning journeys

The Business of Orphanages: Where do orphans come from?