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ReThink Orphanages provides consultancy services to government, business, donors, and non-profits on policy, ethical giving, transitioning from residential to community based care, responsible tourism, child rights focused business models, and technical advice. Please contact us for more information.


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  • Residential Care Institutions, like orphanages, cause harm to children. Support organisations that are keeping families together. #ReThinkOrphanages
  • All children need families, not orphanages. #ReThinkOrphanages
  • The best way to help vulnerable children is to redirect donations and support to organisations working to keep families together. #ReThinkOrphanages
  • Over 80% of children in orphanages are not orphans! #ReThinkOrphanages
  • Donations to orphanages fuels an industry that exploits children and tears families apart. #ReThinkOrphanages